A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Preternatural fairies, battling lovers and the most absurd play-within-a-play ever performed. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is not only his most famous comedy but also a clever and insightful look at relationships and love. The dream world of our inner desires is given full and chaotic expression in this production where lovers, trying to escape the rules and repression of their society, come face to face with the dark and fantastical fates that influence human lives. Wombat Theatre Company’s production takes us from a world of rules and restrictions and into the dreamscape of our inner psyche in this fierce, funny and unique look at “What fools these mortals be” – inside and out.

Cast & Crew

Steve Hart (Director)

Pia Wahlsten (Assistant Director/Directing Intern)

Kristen Tomanocy (Hippolyta/Titania)

Justin Gallo (Theseus/Oberon)

Meaghan Cross (Philostrate/Puck)

Meghan Tynan (Egeus/Puck)

Robert Stevenson (Demetrius)

Emily Bruner (Hermia)

Meghan O’Connor (Helena)

Jorge L. Sanchez (Lysander)

John Lavigne (Nick Bottom)

Pip Gengenbach (Peter Quince)

Taylor Pavlik (Francis Flute)

Alejandro Bonilla (Tom Snout)

Cristián LaBoy (Snug)