Anything New – An Original Production by Emily Kaczmarek

Back in college, Tink, Pete, Jax, Aimee, Naysa and Cal were inseparable. Then life happened: debt, menial jobs, new relationships…oh, and a three-year meditation retreat, coke addiction, and a freak car crash. One year after Jax’s death, the gang is reunited, ostensibly for an awkward, depressing memorial service organized by his parents. But old habits die hard, and Tink, Pete, Aimee, Cal and Naysa find themselves with just as much to talk and fight about as ever. Spanning one long night in a suburban Comfort Inn, and punctuated by the angsty philosophizing of Jax’s ghost, Anything New is a glimpse into six friends’ efforts to let go of the past, their former selves, and even each other, and to find closure in the cold, hard light of adulthood.

Cast & Crew:

Steve Hart (Director)
Emily Kaczmarek (Playwright)
Rachel Abraham (Stage Manager)
John Lavigne (Set and Light Design)
Meghan O’Connor (Costume Design)
Jorge Sanchez (Sound Design)
Michael Dahlgren (Jax)
Magen Ashley Young (Tink)
Michael LoSchiavo (Pete)
Conor Wright (Cal)
Marly Leighton (Aimee)
Jenna Bosco (Naysa)

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