Danny/Playground Injuries

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley:

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is an apache dance of a play between two violent and battered characters who are “inarticulate yet yearning to speak.” It takes place over the course of one night, when a “beast” of a man named Danny meets the physically weary but internally ferocious Roberta in a bar in the Bronx. The two spend the night connecting and fighting their way, tooth and nail, through defenses and revelations, pain and need, toward an absolution that may just bring hope to their injured and desperate lives…if they don’t destroy each other in the process. Are they equipped to save each other, or only to drown together in their passion and frustration?

Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph:

When Doug and Kayleen first meet in their elementary school’s nurse’s office, they bond over their internal and external ailments, setting a pattern that will define their relationship for the next 30 years. Seen in five year intervals, the two meet and share the major turns and developments in their lives while finding that the one consistent element is the painful calamities that plague them. Comic, sweet, dark and poignant, Gruesome Playground Injuries is a deep investigation into emotional and physical pain, and our ability to injure and heal ourselves and each other.

Why these two plays together?

Both plays look at two people who connect over deep emotional and physical pain, but the characters, structure, and style of the pieces are very different. Danny takes place over the course of one night; Gruesome, over a period of 30 years. One play is very urban; the other feels suburban. One is compact and intense; the other, comical and sparse, to let you breathe and think.

Cast & Crew

Steve Hart (Director)
Meghan O’Connor (Assistant Director)
Rachel Abraham (Stage Manager)
John Lavigne (Set Desgin)
Robert Stevenson (Lighting Design)
Meaghan Cross (Costume Design)
Jorge Sanchez (Sound Design)
Emily Kaczmarek
Nick Stag

Photography by Izzy Manaloto