Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Should you believe your eyes and ears when the ghost of your father accuses your uncle of murdering him? Can you trust your loved ones? Your friends? Your own mind? Considered one of the most powerful and influential plays ever written, Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark portrays a young man struggling with morality, mortality and murder after his world is violently overturned. Now, he must navigate the ever-shifting landscape of lies and secrets built by the people he once trusted most. Unable to determine the truth and grappling with the pressures of expectation, the pain of loss, and the complexity of his own desires, Hamlet is pushed to the brink of madness. After all, what if “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”?

With the production talents of:

Steve Hart, Director
Austin McCaslin-Doyle, Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Lighting Design
Brendan Olson, Costume Designer
Jack Dod, Sound Design
Robert Stevenson, Technical Director
Hannah Lajba, Assistant Costume Designer
Debra Nguyen, Assistant Stage Manager

With the acting talents of:
Jack Dod
Sarah Hysjulien
Gus Jacobson
Meghan O’Connor
Jorge Sanchez
Andrew Tejada
Kristen Tomanocy
Meghan Tynan


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