Henry IV, Part I by William Shakespeare

“Honor is a mere scutcheon” says William Shakespeare’s most famous degenerate in Wombat Theatre’s forthcoming production of Henry IV, “and so ends my catechism.” In the play, the title character, King Henry IV, is a bureaucratic war-monger; his son, Prince Henry, is a slumming poser; and the reigning champion of England, Hotspur, is a hot-blooded, ill-tempered, hard-charging contrarian. Though originally set in fifteenth-century England, Wombat Theatre’s production, set in the near future, asks us if this world is also where we are headed: the wars never end, the rulers are unassailable to reason, the ones enjoying themselves are plastered more thoroughly than the walls. The degenerate mentioned above is, after all, Sir John Falstaff, a corrupter of the youth, perhaps, but who says the youth were not already corrupt?

Cast & Crew

Kristen Tomanocy (Director)

Chelsea Coreen (Stage Manager)

Miles McKinely (Assistant Director)

Nina Sapers (Assistant Director)

Steve Hart (Producer/Fight Choreographer)

Tom Charles Bair III (Concept Design)

Michael LoSchiavo (Prince Hal)

Jess Levinson (Doug, Northumberland/John Lancaster)

Kate Owens (Lady Percy/Bardolph)

Gus Jacobson (Glendower/Poins/Walter Blunt)

Josh Black (King Henry IV)

Meghan O’Connor (Earl of Westmoreland/Sir Richard Vernon/Lady Mortimer)

Brendon Olson (Edmund Mortimer)

Meaghan Cross (Mistress Quickly)

Andrew Tejada (Earl of Worchester/Sheriff)

Samantha Nugent (Hotspur)

Cristian LaBoy (Peto)