Proof by David Auburn

The play concerns Catherine, the daughter of Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius in his fifties and professor at the University of Chicago and her struggle with mathematical genius and mental illness. Catherine had cared for her father through a lengthy mental illness. Upon Robert’s death, his ex-graduate student Hal discovers a paradigm-shifting proof and prime numbers in Robert’s office. The title refers both to that proof and to the play’s central question: Can Catherine prove the proof’s authorship?

Cast & Crew:

Steve Hart (Director)
Kristen Tomanocy (Assistant Director)
Elyse Marcus (Stage Manager)
Jamie Lerner (Assistant Stage Manager)
John Lavigne (Set & Light Design)
Robert Stevenson (Sound Design)
Meaghan Cross (Costume Design)
Emily Kaczmarek (Catherine)
Courtney Bottomley (Claire)
David Lawton (Robert)
Jorge L. Sanchez (Hal)

Photography by Kate Campbell