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“Visually, Artistic Director Steve Hart keeps the pace a brisk one both in time and also in action. There’s never a shortage of action. It remains visually complex and well-choreographed throughout. Certainly, the production invites a visceral reaction, which is likely how Shakespeare originally intended it.” – The Court Square Blog

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“Despite the heavy subject matter, the likable and engaging Wombat cast pulls the audience in and adds a fresh take on the Shakespeare classic.” – We Heart Astoria

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In The Next Room

“Director Steve Hart Has shown me what a clever artist can do with the obvious limitations and put forth a better production than those with the money to pull it off. . .Their growth feels natural, yet for some it comes from an abrupt action. And these performers do not drop the ball at any instance. From hilarious to dead serious, from quirky to raw, from curious to enlightening; they take it all in and out in display of what I can only call a masterclass.”Manhattan With A Twist

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