Sunday on the Rocks by Theresa Rebeck

Sunday on the Rocks is written by one of America’s foremost female playwrights about what it was like to be a woman turning thirty in our society in the 1990s. A comedy about relationships, friendship, and sex, Pulitzer Prize Nominee Theresa Rebeck’s Sunday on the Rocks offers a glimpse into the lives of four roommates as they navigate the conflicting moral messages affecting women. When they start drinking early one Sunday morning, liquor and laughter lead to confessions, revelations, and, finally, violent confrontation. A fun and insightful romp full of quips, questions, and the exploration of real social issues, Sunday on the Rocks leaves us wondering whether anything has really changed in the last 20 years.

Cast & Crew:

Steve Hart (Director)
Kristen Tomanocy (Stage Manager)
John Lavigne (Set Designer)
Robert Stevenson (Lighting Designer)
Brendon Olson (Costume Designer)
Pip Gengenbach (Dramaturgy)
Jorge Sanchez (Sound Designer)
Emily Kaczmarek (Elly)
Meghan O’Connor (Gayle)
Meghan Tynan (Jen)
Samantha Nugent (Jessica)